Pollution might be a cause to having dark spots


Dark spots usually seen on the cheeks of women over 50 can be linked to the gases which causes air pollution.

Jean Krutmann ¬†of the IUF-Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine, Germany said,”In addition to particulate matter, traffic-related air pollution is characterised by increased concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2),”

The black spots commonly known as liver spots or lentigenes start appearing as small spots and later enlarging itself and moving on to forearms, face, hands and so on.

Women from two different groups were taken up to do a research.

The first group of women were 806 Caucasian Germans aged from 67 to 80 years who spent about 2.6 hours in the sun.

The second group included 743 Han Chinese women from ages 28 to70 who spent about 3.5 hours in the sun.

The study revealed that the exposure to nitrogen did not affect the spots on the back of the arms or forearms and the exposure affected mainly the liver spots on the cheeks of both the Germans and the Chinese above 50 years of age.