Public-spitting to be soon banned in Maharashtra


For the Legislature budget session which is due to start by March 9th, Maharashtra government will be passing an anti-spitting bill which bans spitting in public spheres.

It was during the function on World cancer day the idea of banning public spitting in addition to ban on chewing tobacco in public sparked the Health Minister.

Maharashtra Health Minister Deepak Sawant tweeted about the same on his twitter account the other day, “#AntiSpittingLaw Along with imposing heavy fine,we’ve planned to make offenders to social service,such as cleaning public places etc.”

According to the bill the offenders if caught first would be fined a fine sum of Rs1000 and public help in any of the government hospitals or offices. If the offenders are caught second time a fine of Rs3000 would be levied with public service for three day. For offenders who repeat the same for more than two times a high fine of Rs5,000 will be charged with public service for five days.

Sawant said, “Simply paying a paltry fine is not enough and so the government has decided to provide for compulsory community service. The offender will be given a broom and asked to do community service by sweeping public places and government offices.”

Minister said that the main aim of the community service added along with the fine is to prick the self esteem of the offender in order to prevent them from repeating the act in future.