Rajya Sabha to discuss JNU and Hyderabad University events


New Delhi: With the President’s address to members of both houses of parliament paving the way for the legislative business to commence for today, the Rajya Sabha will be talking about issues relating to JNU and Hyderabad University. The discussion will be taken up today.

In Rajya Sabha, the discussions will specifically focus on the events arising at the Central Institutions of higher education with specific reference to JNU and the University of Hyderabad. The matter will be taken up on February 25th after the presentation of the Railway Budget.

Today, in the Lok Sabha, a motion of thanks on the President’s address will be moved. Also, in the list of business would be the election laws amendment bill which is scheduled to be introduced in the lower house today.

While The National Waterways Bill, The Carriage by Air (Amendment) Bill, The Bureau of Indian Standards Bill is scheduled to come up for discussion and passage today, in the Rajya Sabha

The government has promised to discuss all the issues today in order to get the opposition to relent to passings of bills for the development of the economy. The assurance could also be to avoid a repeat of the monsoon and winter sessions, where little work got done.