Riches to the rich at Oscar 2016

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JERUSALEM — The Oscar 2016 is just days away and goodie bags filled with a “fortune” are awaiting the Hollywood stars, sources say

The bags being presented to the Oscar nominees will have a celebrity gift pouch worth $220,000, this into pockets of the already filthy rich actors.

Reports state that there will be personalized M&Ms, “vampire breast lift” personal trainers, Audi leases, and three night stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo near George Clooney’s place at Lake Como.

At the same time, the Israeli Tourism Ministry and a Brooklyn-based travel company run by ultra-Orthodox Jews called ExploreIsrael.com have come up with a new wrinkle for the celebrities. The guests will be receiving a $55,000 all-expenses paid, 10-day luxury travel pack with first-class air to Tel Aviv — “plus all the falafel you can eat.”

The trips are also a part of an effort to sell Israel as a travel destination. Sources say that The offer is being extended only to the nominees in best actor/actress, best supporting and director categories, alongside presenter Chris Rock, so that’s 26 people, plus their companions.

The downside is however, that the guest lists will not include names of producers, script writers, and makeup and special effect gurus from the list.

The ministry is very hopeful: “Among the nominees who could be touring in Tel Aviv or walking through the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem — Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence, Sylvester Stallone, Christian Gale and Kate Winslet.”

The state funded campaign is to make and promote the Jewish state. This could also fend off the international movement known as “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions,” sources said.