Royal Canadian Navy break taboos and creates history

Navy couple at the Homecoming ceremony

Navy couple at the Homecoming ceremony

Toronto: When it comes to relationships, ‘Normal’ is a very relative term. And today when one describes normal it really should be about one’s happiness and not someone else’s definition. It is all about we creating a life that suits our needs. A life that we feel is right and honest and depicts us in the most authentic manner.

It equally applies to love as well. Hence, we should be creating our own rules because you and your partner and the relationship has never existed before There’s no example of how to do this because you and your relationship are completely unique.

Master Seaman Francis Legare was received by his partner, Corey Vautour, after an eight-month deployment at sea and helped The Royal Canadian Navy make history last week.  The aforementioned same-sex couple shared the ceremonial homecoming kiss for the very first time.