Second survivor to the Taiwan earthquake.


Taiwan: The second survivor of the Taiwan quake with a magnitude of 6.4 was rescued after 56 hours of struggle from under a residential building. Li Tsung-tian was conscious when found and was talking sense to the rescuers when taken out from under the debris of the Wei Guan apartment in Yongkang District of Taiwan City by a crane.

He was soon taken to a hospital and due to the serious injuries he might have to have an amputation.

The first survivor of the day being a woman, Tsao who was protected by her husband’s body is continuing her critical health condition. The rescuers are in wide search to find if anyone of the Tsao family has rescued the quake.

The high magnitude quake hit parts of Taiwan, Kaohsiung in the early hours on Saturday by 3:57am, and the Taiwanese people were brushing up themselves, getting ready to welcome the traditional lunar New Year.

37 people have been confirmed dead by now, with more than 100 people trapped under the wreckage. Of the 37 killed, 10 were children and 35 people were found dead to the left of the Wei Guan building with its metal rafter bare.
Taiwan is a country prone to quakes, but mostly with no harm or little damage.

The last strongest earthquake targeted Taiwan with a magnitude of 7.3 in about the past 100 years ago where 2,000 lost their lives.