Steam Leak forces Kudankulam Nuclear plant to Shutdown

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Kudankulam: On the same day that saw the plant’s peak power generation. a steam leak was detected at night. Operators were forced to temporarily stop the operations at the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant. The stoppage happened at around 8.35 pm after a steam leak was detected at the secondary side, according to Power System Operation Corportation Ltd (POSOCO).

Earlier the plant was shut down for maintenance for 7 months and resumed operations only on January 30. The second unit of the Kudankulam power plant is expected to start generation sometime this year or early next year. The first unit where the leak happened has been riddled with hiccups throughout. Even though it became critical in July 2013, commercial power generation could only happen on December 31 2014. The unit was closed down for 60 days in 2015 and was restarted only in January 21, for refueling and annual maintenance. It was connected to the southern grid on January 30 supplying power to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry. NPCIL has been on the receiving end of the criticism for the problems with the operation of the 1000 MW first unit of Kudankulam.

The first unit’s operation is expected to resume this Sunday. “A minor steam leak in the feed water system in turbine building from 14 mm impulse line is being attended,” RS Sundar, site director at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP) said.

The second unit’s commission date will depend on the arrival of some components from Russia. Meanwhile according to sources from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) the commissioning and inspection reports’ results for the second unit are being studied by AERB.  The works for two more units costing around Rs 40,000 crore are also expected to begin soon.