Crazy ideas for Valentine's day!

'Valentines Day is just three days away, and I am waiting for my boy friend to take me out for a romantic dinner. I sure hope he doesn't forget my...

Crazy ideas for Valentine


"Valentines Day is just three days away, and I am waiting for my boy friend to take me out for a romantic dinner. I sure hope he doesn't forget my gift or he is so dead," quipped my buddy who seems to be excited like all the guys and gals out there making myriad plans for this (v)ery day.

With each day of the week being a step closer to Valentine’s Day, lovers all round the world are waiting to spread their love. It has been a practice up until today, wherein most boyfriends would take their girlfriends out on a date to an expensive restaurant and would express their love towards their girl. Most working men would take time off from their busy schedule to spend quality time with their girl even if they are aware that they wouldn’t be meeting her for the rest of the week.

The world is bleeding with the colour red this week. Flower shops and gourmet chocolate are likely to make the day all the more incomparable. This time, internet provides many more 'dot com's' for small gifts, soft toys, jewellery, gift hampers and even red dresses specially for V-Day. Among the trending ideas, is what is known as a Sugarbox. This box, apparently, comes in with a package of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and gourmet gifts in one single box. Branded jewelers and diamond merchants also providing a flat 20% discount on any diamond purchase across the country.

1976, a leading cafe in the heart of Trivandrum said, “We are providing a combo offer from 11th-15th February, any 2 burgers, any 2 drinks and one dessert would have 15% discount and valentine shake as the name goes can be bright red or pinkish, will be given 50% discount.”

Gift shops round the world have come up with crazy and nasty ideas to pep up the love working between couples; 'insane' stuffs up for grabs are those that one would never have thought about in their ‘wildest’ dreams like candy g-string, red velvet rope for him or a whip for both.

At the same, there is a flip side to this romantic day. Plenty who ask the question, Who needs a valentine when you girls/guys have each other? Besides the kiss of love had invited controversy very recently, sources assert that couples in India are waiting for the V-day to kiss their 'loved' ones in the public sphere. Since the day is with lot of love in the air, singles would be spending time loving themselves, either going to a spa or pampering themselves staying home.

Some have suggested ways to beat the Valentines Day boredom like giving Valentine’s Day surprise gifts to the coffee shop waiter you visit everyday but haven’t talked to yet.

There are also anti-valentines day events up on social media aimed at defaming the whole idea of Valentine's Day like listening to V- day tales more worse than yours, or prancing around in your undies, or even a lone time pub-hopping for fun.

A coffee shop, Eddies at Bandra in Mumbai, is celebrating anti-valentines day with the line 'Valentine's Day is for fools'. The shop has invited everyone who feels the day is a farce. Eddies have gone with the motto, 'Love-stinks-let's drink. Fall in love with alcohol, you may not have to regret it. And moreover, tasty, mouthy watering food triumphs over love'.

Love facts: In Finland, Valentine’s Day is Friendship day, though the concept of Valentine’s Day was gifted by the US to Finland, they improvised it and turned it to a day for friends.