For the sake of ‘Patriotic Conscience’

_MG_6065Two JNU students accused of sedition, Umar Khalid and Anirbhan Bhattacharya surrendered to Delhi Police on Tuesday night.

Some sources said that they were taken in a private security vehicle of the G4S till the Vasantkunj North Police Station and then officially handed over to the Delhi Police.

The two students had earlier on Tuesday approached the court seeking protection while surrendering and requested that they would do it in a secret location.

The Court had refused to grant them interim protection against. In the petition,the students cited the assault on their comrade and JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar.

The latest sting operation by India Today exposed three lawyers who bragged about thrashing KanhaiyaKumar for three hours while he was in Police custody.

Hem Meshra, a JNU student alleged as a maoist, was arrested on August 24 2013 and tortured for more than a year and finally freed as the Police could find no proof of seditious activity charged against him.

On Sunday night,Umar Khalid along with the other students accused of sedition reappeared on the JNU campus after 10 days and addressed the JNU students and sympathizers.