“A woman must not to be judged by her clothes,” says Vidhya Balan

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Mumbai: Vidhya Balan at an event in Mumbai held on Thursday said that “It is important that the mindset changes. Girls should wear what they wish to wear. Her respect should not be linked to her attire. A girl can be anywhere and in any profession, and even for actresses, people’s respect for them should not depend on the length of their clothes.”

Vidhya Balan was speaking at the ‘Youth for Unity’ held every year, an event that opens a platform to talk about various issues faced in the society.  At the event, the female actor, asserted that she does not agree to the fact of discriminating a woman from a man just because she is a weaker section of the human species. She stated that she wants girls to be able to stand on their own like boys do. “We are moving to a broader mind setting wherein a girl is equal to a boy and the only difference that separates them is their physicality.Girls need to be more open and should take up the initiative to participate in public events and should take up professions of their own choice. Educating a girl, in a stream she prefers should be the priority of the society,” Vidhya Balan added.

Vidhya has taken up roles in movies like ‘Kahaani’ and ‘The Dirty Picture’ where the female role filled the screen. She was last seen on screen in ‘Humari Adhuri Kahani.’