Walmart soon to open on Indian grounds


The shopping hub Walmart India has signed in an agreement with the government of Karnataka to start up 10 super markets in the state.

The enterprise aims at encouraging and supporting women entrepreneurs by giving them a means of livelihood. The company has invited women to approach the Walmart association if interested to work with them.

Walmart sources their goods and commodities from 30 women who run business on their own and they extend their services through other 35 women who own businesses as well.

Krish Iyer, CEO of Walmart India said “We are running a women entrepreneurship development programme on demand and supply side. Demand side includes developing women entrepreneurs who can open kirana stores or small hotels, restaurants and dhabas to whom we will supply at low costs.”

A global women economic empowerment programme was launched by Walmart in order to double the present 20 billion dollar from women entrepreneurs across the globe to bring a larger portion of feminity into business soil.

The major aim of the company is empower the entire population of the weaker section in the long run and to blend in merchandise and services with the whole idea of promoting diversity.