Waris Ahluwalia’s turban creates a problem.


Indian American designer and actor based in New York, 41 year old, Waris Ahluwalia was refused to board a flight due his home in New York because he did not remove his turban for the security check.

Born In Punjab and later moving to the US, the actor beongs to the Sikh community and hence wears a turban. He checked intot he Mexico City’s international airport by 5:30 am, gaining his first class boarding pass, the staff at the ticket counter prompted that he would have to undego a second screening because of the turban.

While he was about to the board the flight, the attendants asked him to step aside in order to let other passengers to board the flight. He had to remove his sweatshirt to finish off with the security checking. Finally he was asked to remove his turban which he denied saying it was part of his faith and that he was to have a turban whenever in public.

The airline attendants told that he would not be allowed to board any other flight till he was searched thoroughly. The actor who lately appeared in “The Grand Budapest Hotel” clicked a photo of him with the ticket and put it up on his Instagram account.

He also mentioned that he was going to attend the New York Fashion Week.