Respected Judge, JNU needs JUSTICE ;not the prescription to cure the 'Infection'

"Peace Comes with Justice.If there is no justice, there is no peace."-Afzal GuruAs per the latest judgement announced by Delhi Court today, JNUSU...

Respected Judge, JNU needs JUSTICE ;not the prescription to cure the

"Peace Comes with Justice.

If there is no justice, there is no peace."

-Afzal Guru

As per the latest judgement announced by Delhi Court today, JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar got an interim bail for a period of six months on a bail bond of 10,000 rupees. Surely, its a victory which should be celebrated in the 'modified' India, where students are witch hunted irrespective of universities.

But the problematic judgement by the court is not a good signal for thousands of Indians who still have the hope in the last resort of democracy, judiciary.

Putting the responsibility on JNU Students and Teachers, the Judge says "This spring why colour of peace eluding prestigious JNU, needs to be answered by its students, faculty". The Judge even mentioned that the 'infection' which students are suffering need to be cured.

The Judgement started by quoting the lines of a patriotic song from Bollywood movie Upkaar
"Rang hara hari singh nalwaa ke
Rang laal hain laal bahadur se
Rang bana basanti bhagat singh
Rang aman ka veer jawahar se
Mere desh ki dharti, sona ugle

Ugle here moti meredesh ki dharti"HC-bail-order

below is the link to read the full text of the Delhi High court's order granting bail to Kanhaiya Kumar


The court which remain silent while a young dalit commit suicide in his own room and  his mother was dragged in the streets of capital city is now busy with taking study class on patriotism. If the court still sticks on to the delusion  of a fairy skinned 'Bharathmatha' weighed with gold ornaments instead of the thousand of real 'Bharathmatha' working hard in the street to meet the both end of thier daily life, questions should be arised on that so called idea of 'Nationalism'. The righteous purpose of a University in these dark times is to debate fascism and the so called constructed 'patriotism'. By arising that question the 'colour of peace' must be eluded. The comfortable zone of the privilaged peace lovers are hurt,while some one brings the issues of dalits, minorities, kashmiris, north east etc to their dining tables.

The courts, which supports the authoritarian nature of the University administration is not a positive sign for the great Indian democracy.

Below is an excerpt from the Judgement.

"While dealing with the bail application of the petitioner, it has to be kept in mind by all concerned that they are enjoying this freedom only because our borders are guarded by our armed and paramilitary forces. Our forces are protecting our frontiers in the most difficult terrain in the world i.e.Siachen Glacier or Rann of Kutch"

Just like the Bhakths,The court is also now countering the questions of injustice and basic human rights with the sacrificial story of Indian Army. Yes my lord, we all are proud of our army. But , what is your answer to those people who were brutally tortured and raped by a few members of the Indian army. What about the 'ocean of tears' created by some members of Indian army in Konan-poshpora, Manipur, Chattisgarh and many other places.

As of December 11, 2015, weather-related casualties in Siachen stood at 869, including 33 officers and 54 junior commissioned officers, and Rs 7,504.99 crore was spent on military operations in the last four years alone. In comparison, the Pakistan army, which operates at much lower altitudes, lost 213 soldiers in Siachen between 2003-
. The nation needs needs to know why our army men are sent to death in these place ???  the answer is  the nation's self esteemed pride of holding world's highest battle field.

Further in the statement the Judge says

"The kind of slogans raised may have demoralizing effect on the family of those martyrs who returned home in coffin draped in tricolor". 

"My lord", Our nation had a tradition of even making money out of the coffins purchased for the martyr. Aren't the people who were responsible for this scam 'antinational' in the eye of the Delhi High court.

The court further states

"The reason behind anti-national views in the mind of students who raised slogans on the death anniversary of Afzal Guru,who was convicted for attack on our Parliament,which led to this situation have not only to be found by them but remedial steps are also required to be taken in this regard by those managing the affairs of the JNU."

Afzal Guru's death sentence is questioned by many including renowned thinkers,activist and lawyers. The records of the Session court clearly shows that Afzal Guru  was denied  fair trail. He didn't even get a chance to represent himself, these facts arised by leading Law activists arises a question over Afzal's hanging. The prosecution failed to produce even a single evidence on Afzal's relation with any terrorrist organisations. Afzal also have no direct involvement in killing of any

The Supreme court's judgement on Afzal Guru's verdict says ""The incident, which resulted in heavy casualties, had shaken the entire nation and the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if the capital punishment is awarded to the offender." The citizens of the largest democracy is evaluated by our court as a bunch of people obsessed with cannibalic collective conscience crying for barbaric justice. The remedy for Afzal Guru issue is simple: No innocent should be framed in fabricated cases to satisfy the brahmanical collective conscience.The remedial steps for that problem should be taken by the system which have some serious allegations of  'communal nature' , not from the JNU professors.

There are many people in India who are raising questions on Afzal's 'judiciary murder'. He was secretly hanged in the Tihar Jail after long 12 years confinement.It's not a 'JNU' issue to be cured by the Professors, its a matter of injustice. People will commemorate Afzal Guru till the system stops manufacturing new Afzal's as a fuel for their hidden political agenda.

"Peace Comes with Justice.

If there is no justice, there is no peace.

I think that is what i want to say now.

If you want to hang me,go ahead with it, but

remember it would be a black spot on the judicial and political system of the India"

                                                                             -Afzal Guru

Below are images of the excerpts from the Judgement by Delhi Court Judge J.Prathiba Rani




NB:There are so many similarities between the Court's Judgement and a right wing patriotical advice. But, it will be coincidential just as an article published by Sangh Parivar mouth piece Panchajanya and Delhi Police Intelligence report has a lot to share in common...!!!Jai Hind