Aung San Suu Ki’s Islamophobia

mishal and Aung san suu kyi

‘The Lady and The Generals: Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma’s Struggle For Freedom’ a book by Peter Popham reveals that Aung San Suu Kyi, ‘The lady of Burma’ seems to have made an anti-Muslim comment during an interview with BBC.

Being the head of the National League for Democracy (NLD) and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, she made an offensive statement for being interviewed by a Muslim BBC presenter, Mishal Husain.

An off record comment was made after she was asked about her political stance on the violence suffered by Burma’s Rohingya Muslim, a minority community of Burma highly oppressed by the majority of the Buddhists.

According to the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI), the native Rohingya Muslims face genocide and “unprecedented ethnic cleansing” in Burma. The Muslim minority is also forbidden from becoming citizens of Burma and have few, if any political rights.

Ms Suu Kyi allegedly made an offensive anti-Muslim comment, “No one told me I was going to be interviewed by a Muslim.”

Later asked by the presenter about the anti-Muslim massacre, the 70 year old, Human Rights activist, condemning the oppression, defended her stand by saying, “I think there are many, many Buddhists who have also left the country for various reasons. This is a result of our sufferings under a dictatorial regime.”

The comment on sectional grounds is most likely to spoil her well created image and media critics also feel that the iconic politician did not condemn the Islamophobic violence for fear of alienating her electoral base.