Awards and Accolades for whom if Art Won’t prevail


Kerala state chalachitra academy have turned its leaf to be more of a promoting body far from its actual of endorsing art. Moreover, in a period of past 2-3 years it has turned itself to a junction of neglect for hardworking and deserving candidates . Ever since its inception in 1969 there had been a pattern of prestigious recipients, setting up a definite standard and to see the standard falling is indeed disheartening.

It was a shocking to learn the winners in Best actor and director category. As usual Dr. Biju and Jayasurya turned out to be the usual outcasts for the jury. Charlie was definitely a crowd pulling entertainer but not sure what moved the distinguished jury to endorse it with all such accolades as many deserving artists went unnoticed.

No disrespect of winners as they also have portrayed commendably in their outfits being generous ambassadors of this noble art. But there is definitely a concern for neglected parties as they might get disheartened in the shadow of such mishaps.

Undoubtedly Nivin Pauly and Dulqar Salman are promising actors but considering contemporary performances there were several artists have showcased a commanding display. To motivate and promote such young artists, best thing to do would be inclusion of a new category with the  same purpose.

It is really sad to see jury members turning a blind eye  while assuming role they were entrusted to. Every form of art is nurtured through preserving and celebrating its artists. At times performances go unrecognized but several times it sends out a wrong message, unnerving the artists. If awarding body continues to fail in recognizing righteous candidates, I fear of a time in future when there won’t be any canvas left to paint on.