B-2 bombers positioned in Asia Pacific


The US military positioned three B-2 bombers as a part of a  training mission in the Asia-Pacific region, the media reported on Thursday.

The B-2s would “integrate and conduct training with ally and partner air forces,” US Strategic Command announced on Wednesday.

The US Strategic Command takes command of US nuclear forces. B-2 bombers are competent enough of launching nuclear as well as regular weapons, Xinhua news agency reported.

“These flights ensure that we remain ready to deter strategic attack, now and in the future,” the Strategic Command said.

The US planned their move amid rising pressure in the Korean Peninsula after North Korea’s nuclear test on January 6 and long-range rocket launch on February 7.

On March 2, the UN Security Council unanimously approved tougher sanctions on Pyongyang, including a ban on all cargo heading to and from North Korea and its exports of coal and mineral resources.

Council members also called for an early resumption of the Six-Party Talks.