BJP MLA, Ganesh Joshi under arrest



BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi who assaulted a police horse, Shaktiman, breaking a limb is under arrest by the Uttarakhand police.

People for Animals (PFA) Uttarakhand member Gauri Maulekhi, had raised a call to arrest the MLA earlier for being brutally cruel to the animal.

The Mussoorie MLA along with his protesters were conducting a demonstration against the Chief Minister when the gang including the MLA beat the limb of the horse with sticks.

The veterinary doctors amputated the hind leg as he had multiple fractures because of the fierce beating.

The preliminary medical report raised hopes that Shaktiman would not have to lose a leg but later doctors decided on getting the leg amputated in order to stop the gangrene from spreading to the res of the body.

Shaktiman was aided with prosthetic device after the amputation and might take more than a month to fully recover after the surgery.

After such heinous incidents, out of humanity MLA Ganesh visited the stable to see the injured police horse, he claims. The legislator, however insisted that the MLA had not inflicted injury on the horse, and that it had gone out of control during the protests and one of its hind legs got stuck in a hole dug up to put up the barricades, injuring it.