Did BJP tame Mehbooba Mufti?

After two months of tight friction between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Peoples Democratic Republic (PDP), the two parties have decided to join...

Did BJP tame Mehbooba Mufti?


After two months of tight friction between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Peoples Democratic Republic (PDP), the two parties have decided to join hands to a coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir headed by Mehbooba Mufti as the Chief Minister, the post which was vacant since January after the death of Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, Mehbooba's father.

Ms.Mufti having a tough public figure, also wants it assured from the BJP that she would get the freedom to run the government without any interference from the BJP before the old glorious coalition government that existed during her father's rule is revived back.

Being elected unanimously to represent at the Assembly and Parliament, why did BJP face a hit back in Jammu?

Though Jammu is the largest city to have elected BJP to represent, the city also became the first place to burn many dummies of Prime Minister Modi. The emergency period occurred in Jammu for not having the sanction to set up AIIMS at the city. The city demanded a fair share as all the other states of country had. For anyone it looked as if BJP did nothing in the case because of which the well earned reputation BJP came crumbling down.

Moreover, though elite political leaders came to meed Sayeed at AIIMS, where he was admitted for treatment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not take such a pain though BJP grandees paid a visit, however, PM tweets birthday greetings to party colleagues and effusively welcomes foreign dignitaries.

The mistake PDP committed was dragging Mehbooba into her father's shoes who had six decades of wonderfully woven public life, long before she could even mourn over his departure.

PDP has always reminded themselves that their sole aim was to 'stop BJP' or immobilize them, they have also decided earlier never to let BJP take over the power. But eventually that is what they did.

Though she respected her father's decision in heading a coalition government she is miles away from her father when it comes to handling power, being a tough lady it surprizes how she agreed on being dictated from the centre.

But Mehbooba is clear enough to not be tamed under BJP, she has already demanded the transfer of ownership of power-projects from central government owned NHPC to the State Government.

The already insignificant BJP MLAs would now be invisible. The BJP has no exceptions and demands to be granted from Ms.Mufti. Though they think they have tamed her, they might be proved wrong in the long run.