Dinesh Trivedi advises those exposed by Narada News Sting to stay back home

Dinesh Trivedi

Senior TMC leader said that those of his party found accepting money from a fictitious company, formed as a part of the sting operation by Naradanews, “should sit at home till they came out clean” from charges alleged against them was the reply given when asked if they would be thrown out of the party.

Trivedi was upset that the party leadership, while alleging “conspiracy”, had neither denied the sting nor taken action against the accused, confirmed a source.

When asked about the the corruption his party members were committing he said that his moral “value system” would not allow him to do “something immoral”.

Trivedi also mentioned that the head and tail of the party was fine representing TMC head Mamta Banerjee and the basic low root workers.

Trivedi talked about the issue  during a panel discussion, organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in New Delhi. He further added that if the TMC leaders have the confidence that they haven’t done anything wrong, they should ask for an investigation in the matter.

The former Union Minister also said that “he cannot vouch for his party, but himself” and stated that his honesty “even the God cannot challenge”. He added that the grass-root of the party depends on “honesty”.

But Trivedi also refused to talk about the legality of the video clip exposed by Naradanews, saying the issue is controversial and he didn’t want to get involved.