Disciplinary Action Against BJP MLA for Cruelty to Horse

mla beating horse

Ganesh Joshi, BJP’s  MLA in Mussoorie ,who is accused of mercilessly beating a horse may face disciplinary action with the party saying such cruelty was “unacceptable” and it has taken serious note of the incident.

“Party is aware of the incident. Party has taken a serious note of the incident. I am sure the party will take a call on this,” Union minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy told reporters. He has also termed the behavior as unacceptable.

Mr. Joshi was accused of beating the horse with stick during a party’s protest march in the state yesterday. The photograph of the animal lying badly injured with a fracture leg went viral on social media.

Joshi said he had not inflicted injury on the horse, adding it went out of control during the protests and one of its hind legs got stuck in a hole dug up to put up the barricades, causing it injuries.

On the video being circulated on the social media showing him attacking the horse with stick, Joshi said he was only trying to scare away the animal which had gone berserk, leaving a BJP worker badly injured.