HCU Community Clueless about the Arrested Students

12874126_1260239903992284_1933554300_oThe Students and faculties arrested by Telangana Police  have been  booked under 11 charges (147, 452, 324, 506, 427, 342, 353 r/w149 IPC,3 PDPPA, 324, 353, 332).
There are several other FIRs being filed against the students including the one filed by University Administration.
  The FIR contains names of 9 students including the students who were suspended along with Rohith.
Along with the 9 names the FIR states ‘other students of UOH’, which indicates that anyone can be picked up by the police and slapped with false charges.
The family members of these people and the university community still do not have any clear information about their whereabouts.
Since their detention the police officials have not been disclosing any information about them.
The family members, professors have been running from pillar to post since the 22nd and still they have not been able to meet or speak with a single person who was taken by the police.
When the family members and some professors reached the Miyapur police station on 22nd night, the police informed them that none of the detained people were there, but it was found after a few minutes that there were 18 people kept in Miyapur police station.
The family members of the students alleged that Police did not let any communication to happen.
Radhika Vemula, mother of Rohith Vemula was not allowed to enter the campus last night. Students took out a silent march to the gate to bring Rohith’s mother inside. The police tried to shut the students out by closing the gates.
 The police keep misleading the family members which is severe a violation of their rights. None of the people were produced before the magistrate within 24 hours of their detention.