Himachal High Court issues steps to probe into drug abuse


The Himachal Pradesh High Court has informed the Central and the State government authorities on the misuse of oxytocin and has given measures to regulate the manufacture, import and distribution of drugs liable to squander.

There is rampant misuse of oxytocin in dairy, agriculture and horticulture,  for which the State and the Central have completely failed to check or curb its menace in the state, the high court observed.

Acting tough, a division bench of Chief Justice Mansoor Ahmad Mir and Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan ordered the police to take strict action and register cases to prevent misuse of the controversial veterinary drug oxytocin.

The court, which treated a media report on the drug misuse as a public interest litigation, ordered the central government to establish within three months an academy to train all drug regulatory officers.

The bench directed the state to make available adequate facilities for testing oxytocin at its laboratory in Kandaghat in Solan district within three months.

The court has formulated a special task force in each district that would be constituted within three months to ensure that no drug, either prohibited or regulated, was available in the open market.

The court directed the State Government to ensure random sampling of milk and vegetables as well as to carry out prosecutions where milk and vegetable products were tested positive for oxytocin.

The 14-page judgment orders the police to book all offenders under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 if found using oxytocin in milch animals to extract more milk.