India -Pak T20 match will be held in Kolkata


The Pakistani government had decided  not send their cricket team to India due to security reason, til an assurance fro the Indian government was guaranteed for their players, told the interior ministry here.

The Pakistani government made the decision after receiving a report from its three-man delegation that “security is not assured” at the venue of the March 19 match.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sent the delegation to check security at the venues in neighbouring India earlier this week, with the Dharamsala venue of particular concern.

The India government has assured enough security and safety for the players which has made the Pakistani government to change the decision, and allow their team to play in Indian ground.

Pakistan refused to play in Dharmasala, the venue decided for the game and due to safety issues the venue was changed to Kolkata.

“The step was taken after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shared its concerns with us. The people who have bought tickets will be refunded or they can exchange them with the tickets for the Kolkata match,” said Dave Richardson, ICC CEO.

“It is not the first time venues have been changed due to security issues. The state government should’ve raised their concerns earlier,” the former South African wicket-keeper added.

“We haven’t thought about punishment for state as of right now. The ICC has been assured by all state authorities that adequate security measures are in place at all venues. The event will be staged in safe and secure environment.” said he to the sources.

The director of the tournament M.V.Sridhar is saddened at the sudden decision.