Indian railway introduces ‘clean my coach’ service



Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu  launched an online “clean my coach” service. It allows travellers to get their compartments cleaned by sending an SMS or by using an app or a designated website.

“As per the scheme, for any cleaning requirement in the coach, passengers have to send an SMS to a mobile number 58888,” a statement  by the ministry said. “Alternatively, passengers can use the android app or Web page www.cleanmycoach.com for logging the request.”

Following this, a passenger’s request is immediately acknowledged via SMS on the mobile phone along with a code. “This service empowers the citizen to get an important service on board and is in line with the objectives of the ‘Digital India’ programme.”

Minister had announced this scheme in the rail budget.

“Taking forward the momentum on ‘Swachh Rail, Swachh Bharat’, we intend taking a string of measures to improve the cleanliness on stations and trains,” he said.