Kanhaiya Kumar disguised as cop at the Patiala House Court

Photo: Hindustan Times

Photo: Hindustan Times

New Delhi: To counter attacks from a mob of lawyers at the Patiala House Court on February 17th, the Delhi Police resorted to sneaking JNU Students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar, disguised in riot police gear.

The student leader was dressed in riot fatigues worn by officials that included a bullet-proof jacket and a helmet and importantly a baton. The objective was to disguise the leader as one of their own in order to confuse the mob.

Police decided to use the disguise as a last minute precaution after at least 200 lawyers assembled near the courtroom. The lawyers had intended to block the courtroom premises exit gate and hence preventing the cops from escorting Kumar out of the court premises.

The emergency meeting was called at the Delhi Police HQ wherein senior officers agreed to the last minute decoy. The preparations involved bringing in several sets of anti-riot gear into the courtroom. Around fifty policemen and Kanhaiya were also fitted with the gear and visor to cover his face.