Keep calm and Praise Dinkan; Dinkaluyeah!


Discordianism, Dinkoism are all new religions, as if the world didn’t have enough of religions! (Pffff)

The goddess of the so called new religion is the sweetly named Eris Discordian or commonly called, Bitch. The bible of Discordianism is Principia Discordia. Discordianism is centered on the idea that both chaos and order are illusions forced upon on the universe by the human nervous system, which particularly means neither would be true or real objectively

(Some confusing shit right? Pretty intense, I’d say.)

This is a little of discordianism just to raise the crazy drives and lemme try connecting this to dinkan worship or dinkoism, got some more of patience left??

Dinkan is an avatar of Mayavi, the true God!!!! (Om Dinkanaaya namaha!!)
*blows some stupid dust into thin air*
*coughs* *sneezes*
So where was I???
Yea, Dinkan God, is everywhere watching you!!
Keep calmly chaotic and praise Dinkan

Dinkan, according to the faith of the worshippers, is the saviour of the world, appearing from nowhere to protect everyone, particularly children. Once abducted by aliens, who gave him his superpowers, Lord Dinkan is just about anywhere and anytime the needy, well, need him! (see how omnipresent he is..) He flies, he fights, he comforts. And if you had any doubts about his supremacy, beware: he wears his red underwear over his tight-fitting yellow costume that shows rippling biceps; not to forget the flowing red cape (he is equivalent to Superman, who has a red underwear too over his costume with a red cape flowing behind him)
Give up the ghost thought if you have a regular comic book character in mind!!!
Dinkan is no flying monster or a burrito!! He is someone beyond a super human, a super taco, he is a super fliying rat!!!!
*everybody stand up*
All hail to Dikan, Dinkaluyeah!!!
(bow stupid people, BOW), Put your dumb heads down and pay your respect, morons!!)
Do you think this is a parody?? If so, ‘No Thank You, Pleasure’s All Mine’ because it is after all a parody!!
Balamangalam found only in Kerala is the Holy Book of Dinkoism. The holy book has slogans like,

Dinkan will protect the children!
Dinkan will protect the youth!
Dinkan will protect the elderly!

*rolls closed eyes*

Come believers; let us praise the Almighty Dinkan rat!!!!

On the floor with folded legs, let’s praise him: