Left front calls for secular democratic government in West Bengal


Biman Bose, Left front chairman

Biman Bose, Left front chairman

Left front enunciates their election manifesto which ensures the formation of a secular democratic government in West Bengal. The manifesto necessitates people to defeat the ruling TMC to restore democracy and freedom of expression. It promises a multiparty ruled police and administration with a democratic tradition. Left front is having an alliance and seat adjustment with the Indian National Congress, in this election.

“To achieve this, we have to defeat the Trinamool government. Towards that end, we want the people to unite and form a democratic secular government in the state.” said Biman Bose, Chairman of the left front.

The 16-page manifesto assures to make all political prisoners free and to withdraw the false cases charged against people. The document also preconizes to safeguard the functioning of statutory bodies like the Women’s Commission, Lokayukta, state Election Commission, state Human Rights Commission etc. with full authority.

Manifesto stresses to have a secular policy and promised that the government will have a neutral stand towards all the religions, and would not be partisan towards any particular religion. “We will take a neutral stand on all religions. We will take a strong stand against all types of communalism and extremism,” says the manifesto. It ensures not to interfere in any religious practices and to safeguard security of all minority religions including Muslims.

Left manifesto accused the ruling Trinamool for their corruptions and said “Entrepreneurs and industrialists leaving the state due to extortion demands is a regular feature,”.

Left front vows to stop the hunger deaths by implementing a universal public distribution system. It also promises a monthly allowance of Rs. 2500 and subsidised ration for workers of closed industries.