Maharashtra to Bring Up Law Against Caste Panchayats

Devendra fadnavis, maharashtra cabinet expansion


The Maharashtra cabinet has today cleared the decks to bring up the ‘Maharashtra Prohibition of Social Boycott Act’ in the upcoming budget session.

With this law, the government aims to punish those caste panchayat members, ordering social boycott of the people, with three years imprisonment or Rs one lakh fine, or both, if convicted by the Court.

It is the rising number of social boycott cases by caste panchayats, that has tempted the government to think of such a move. For instance one such Panchayat in the Raigad district ostracized a family after one of the women in the family wore jeans, didn’t wear a mangalsutra or a bindi! Another one imposed a fine on a family for marrying a person from the same gotra.

Raigad reports the highest number of such cases, almost 34 in number.