Narada News X Files sting: Madan Mitra said will arrange meeting with CM Mamata Banerjee

madan mitra tmc

madan-mitraAfter much speculation over the authenticity of tapes, Narada News has decided to publish the unedited version of the X Files Sting operation footage. The first in the series is the one featuring former Transport minister of West Bengal, and Trinamool Congress stalwart Madan Mitra. He has been in jail since December 2014 in connection with the Saradha chit fund scam. This Narada News sting footage was captured on camera before his involvement in the scam came out in the open.

This happens to be the second meeting between Narada News and the TMC leader. The meeting was fixed by one of his associates to hand over the bribe amount demanded. Madan Mitra can be heard asking: “What is your business?” to which the undercover Narada News journalist replies: “We work for a consortium of 25 multi-national companies and interested in some highway projects, infrastructure projects.” On hearing the scale of work, the money involved and the possibility to get more money as bribe, Mitra boasts about the power he wields in the state of West Bengal . “Aap toh dekhe hain hum kaise kaam karate hain (You’ve seen how I get work done),” he said adding: “I am the chairman of PG hospital in Kolkata and I am also the president of its union. I am the president of a taxi union and also I am the Transport minister.” He stated these facts to establish that he is an important man in the Mamata Banerjee government and could help the fictitious company in the future if offered more money.  “You give us money, we will organise,” he can be heard saying in the video (18:20).

After hearing that the fictitious company can arrange some Rs 15,000 cr as investment, and understanding there are huge kickbacks in the offing, Madan Mitra can be heard saying: “Call all those companies. Call them for a cup of tea with the chief minister.”

Watch the video here: