University Community

Hyderabad: University of Hyderabad VC, Appa Rao is using his ruthless tactics to tame the protestors in the campus. All the 14 food canteens have been shut down since yesterday which literally made the students starving. Even drinking water is not available inside the campus at a hot temperature of about 420C. Another subjugating tactic imposed on the students was to block their bank accounts. All the students are having their bank accounts in State Bank of Hyderabad, which is used to get their scholarships and fellowships from the authorities. Students allege that all such accounts were frozen and they are in a chaotic situation.

“Police lathi charged and manhandled the students in a harsh way. Some of the cops used even blades and broken glasses to attack the students. It was the ABVP students who had broken the glasses and destroyed the furniture in the VC’s lodge. We were protesting in a peaceful way” says Unnimaya Gopan, a post graduate student. Unnimaya, an SFI member had been also beaten by the cops.

“Some of the cops kicked the students in the abdomen in a callous manner. One boy was continuously vomiting as a result of this police brutality. Six students including some girls are still admitted in the hospital with internal injuries. One girl from Bengal has been seriously injured. Media have been prevented from entering the campus. We don’t know how long we can survive in this situation without food and water. “ Said by Zuhail KP, the president of students’ union in the  University of Hyderabad. Zuhail told Narada that even women faculties were dragged and beaten by the police.

51 students were detained by the police for a while, for cooking food in the ‘Shopcom’ in the meantime. They were released later. Students have started preparing food in another location as the police occupied the ‘Shopcom’.