People die in Uttar Pradesh on holi; Accidents and gang wars

People painted with bright colors dance during the festival of Holi in Fancy Bazar, the main commercial center in Gauhati, on Wednesday, March 27, 2013. This exuberant festival originally held to celebrate the fertility of the land, is also associated with the immortal love of Hindu God Krishna and Radha. Today holi is an excuse for Indians to shed inhibitions for a day of spring fever and big fun. PHOTO-REBA KUMAR BORAH.

Over two dozen people were killed in Uttar Pradesh on Holi, despite heavy security taken by the administration,said  police.

Five people were killed in road accidents in Lucknow and nine died in an accident in Bulandshahr. The remaining were killed during fight or drunk driving.

Most of the deaths in road accidents were result of over speed, careless and drunk driving, said the police. Gang wars related to rival issues also led to some deaths in central and western regions of Uttar Pradesh,

As many as 252 people were injured in road accidents on Holi. A majority of the injured people suffered head injuries, fractures and open wounds, an officer said.

Most of the accident case was taken to the trauma centre in Lucknow. The neurology department was full of patients with head injuries  due to riding without wearing helmet. The Ortho wards were also occupied in the city. However, the Director General of Police headquarters in the state has put the toll at 14.