Poll preparation to be reviewed by EC in Guwahati


Election Commission will reach Guwahati today for two-day review work on the poll preparations prior to the Assam Assembly Elections.

Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi along with his commission would be meeting the leaders of the political parties running the election campaign at the State.

The Election Commission team have come down to Guwahati to review poll preparedness and the availability and quality of the basic minimum facilities in polling stations.

The commission will also hold a meeting with the election commission at the state level accompanied by the senior government officials of the Assam Assembly from 18 districts in Guwahati today.

The agenda of the conclave is to highlight and make clear cut instructions on code of conduct, seizure of weapons if found. The commission will also peep a look into the campaign programme run by the different political parties and the awareness it creates on the voters.
Today, the 21st of March is the last date to withdraw the names from the candidates list if required, prior to the elections which is to be held on 4th April. A total number of 566 nominations have been filed till date and is likely to increase, of which 40 are female candidates.