Rajnath Singh for tough steps to check infiltration in Assam

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Rajnath Singh : Union Home Minister

Rajnath Singh : Union Home Minister

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has hit out at the Congress government in Assam over the infiltration crisis. He Accused the Congress government in Assam of having failed to stop infiltration from Bangladesh. On what step he would  take to solve this long standing problem Singh  said that the NDA government at the Centre will completely seal the Indo-Bangladesh border to stop intrusion.

“Intruders have been continuously entering India since the day Bangladesh was created. Bangladeshi intruders are coming to India through the Indo-Bangladesh border. What is the reason, why didn’t you (Congress) stop them? Why didn’t you completely seal the Indo-Bangladesh border?” he asked at an election rally here.

Highlighting the steps taken by his government in this regard, Singh said that a few months ago he had visited the India-Bangladesh border and held “talks with the Bangladesh government”.
“We just need some time and we will seal the Indo-Bangladesh border completely so that no Bangladesh intruder can come in,” he said.

Later , Singh will address three more election rallies for BJP candidates in Assam where Assembly polls will be held in two phases on April 4 and 11. The Home Minister will also attend two election rallies in West Bengal tomorrow before returning to the national capital.