Royal Enfield takes touring to new level

Planning a long bike ride? Where are you headed to? Which bike would you prefer?The Great Indian ‘Royal Enfield’ will prioritise your choice! In...

Royal Enfield takes touring to new level


Planning a long bike ride? Where are you headed to? Which bike would you prefer?

The Great Indian ‘Royal Enfield’ will prioritise your choice! In India, touring to the Himalayas is common among the youngsters and they prefer a bike to jaunt through the country nowadays. Royal Enfield gives you good travelling comfort and long lasting pleasure. Here the Royal Enfield presents a new touring motor cycle which is designed for the safari of the time, especially off-road. It is built to handle the roads of Himalayan paths and thus titled ‘Royal Enfield Himalayan’.

The statements in the vehicle specification chart says that the protective gear range of this machine provides a safe ride for the rider in any treacherous or terrain climate in Himalayas. In this motor cycle, the protective gear range works well than any other vehicles in this family and the riding comfort increases the confidence in explorers.

Royal Enfield did the test on this vehicle for a long period with serious observation by riding Himalayan from tracks to roads and were even driven in the highest passes of Himalayas. The vehicle is crafted well with overhead cam engine (better power efficiency), rugged chassis and a mono-shock rear suspension (first on RE Vehicles). The vehicle is light weight as compared to other RE Vehicles which helps to handle it easier.

Engine specifications of Himalayan as follows:

The Engine is single cylinder, 4-stroke and oil cooled (retains engine power and performance). The power of engine regulates 24.48 bhp @ 6500 rpm with a maximum torque of 32 NM @ 4250 rpm. The engine capacity is exactly 411 cc which is enough better to climb the terrain. The vehicle has a 5 speed constant mesh gear box.

Vehicle’s fuel tank capacity is 15 litres and the fuel injection is carburettor that which enables better fuel efficiency.

Ride height of the vehicle is 800 mm and it has 1465 mm wheelbase and 220 mm ground clearance. Both the brakes in Himalaya are disk brakes. It is first in RE vehicles which they have rear disk brakes. Tyre size is of 90/90-21” front and 120/90- 17” rear. Vehicle suspension is telescopic, 41 mm diameter, 200 mm wheel travel in front and linkage type mono-shock, 180 mm wheel travel in rear.

Getting an idea about the new RE Himalayan and having acquainted with the specifications, the people who enjoy travel will plan to buy this machine before they plan the tour. The other RE bikes are also good for a long relaxed ride.

“The 500 cc Engine ‘Thunder bird’ is good for long smoother ride, enables more comfort than RE Himalayan but Himalayan reveals its real skill when it comes to traversing a steep terrain. Himalayan bikes are best for the off-road rides”, said a sales man who works in Marikar (Motors) LTD, Thiruvananthapuram.

The bookings for the Himalayan are opened and the wait would only have to be for 3 months from booking period. The bike will be available at Thiruvanathapuram showroom with an on-road price of 1,79,000 INR, inc. all taxes (price may vary in other places).