Sony comes with new range of laser projectors

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In the professional projectors solutions category, Sony has launched five new laser and lamp projectors, said an official statement.

The projector sale is focusing on professional users who need higher configuration of brightness and resolution, with versatility and affordability for business, academic, large venue or entertainment use, said the statement.

These new products consists three 3LCD laser models (VPL-FHZ65, VPL-FHZ60 and VPL-FHZ57). These new laser models serve brightness of 6,000 lumens (VPL-FHZ65), 5,000 lumens (VPL-FHZ60) and 4,100 lumens (VPL-FHZ57). The other two are models are lamp types.

These new laser models are crafted to deliver enhanced picture quality with new features such as “reality creation” and “contrast enhancer,” both technologies already in use by Sony’s home theatre projection systems for high-end consumer entertainment, the statement added.

The new projectors also offer colour space adjustment and colour correction features for more accurate colour reproduction. A laser light source means there is no lamp that needs to slowly warm up or cool down, no lamp to limit tilt angle and no compromise between high brightness and high resolution.

Smartly designed, the new laser models’ “quick turn on/off” requires only approximately seven seconds for the brightness to ramp up after turning on, the statement said.