For Telangana Police, even cooking Inside HCU is a crime

12719498_973863676000687_6233310360211924692_o (1)Telangana Police on Wednesday arrested students who were busy with community cooking on the HCU’s North Campus Shop Com.Student Leader Uday Bhanu was brutally attacked by the mindless Police. Uday was badly injured in the head and was transfered to the Hospital.

A Student alleged that Uday Bhanu was targeted mainly because earlier he protested against the University administration’s and Police’s decision to to secretly cremate Rohith’s body without informing his family members and against his family and friends’ wish.

Posted by Narada News on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rakhee Naiding narrates the Incident:
[jumbotron]When the students planned to cook outside near the shopping complex as all the mess were closed, Prabhakar, Uday Bhanu, Rakhee and other friends started collecting stones and stuff required…

As a symbolic protest they started cooking on the road near shopping complex when a Sub-Inspector walked to them and started provoking the students…Uday Bhanu and others appealed him not to provoke and understand the situation why they are forced to cook outside.

The SI then dragged Uday Bhanu and thrashed him, slapped and threw him on the ground with force and stepped on his chest and started beating him…

Uday Bhanu was completely in a shock while the police dragged him to the police van. Few professors arrived at the scene and negotiated and pleaded the SI to leave Uday Bhanu as it was not the students fault to cook as their mess service was blocked…

When the professors and friends tried to talk to Uday Bhanu he could not speak, he was completely traumatized because of what happened…he was immediately taken to the health centre on a wheel chair. He was badly injured on his head and was referred to the nearest hospital where he is still recovering from the shock and the injury.
Why Uday Bhanu was attacked?

When the HCU administration and Telangana police decided to secretly cremate Rohith’s body without informing his family members and against his family and friends’ wish, Uday Bhanu was the only person who was there with the body who protested against the administration and the police…he went into an argument with them and he was in their eyes since then.[/jumbotron]