Thank you Sri Sri, For making the life of farmers a ‘celebration’

“Agriculture is the backbone of human existence. For any civilisation to prosper, agriculture has to be healthy and sustainable. We need to get our focus back on agriculture which is the primary industry.
-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“Every body is celebrating the festival. But, we are not happy. How can you expect us to be happy??? we asked them to take the otherside of the plot to make the way.But, they didn’t listen to us.  Look, how these Army  are stomping thier foot on our land.Around 25,000 are depending these 1000 acre land for thier living, Now its all gone.
We invested 50,000 rupees for seed, manure and irrigation, but now its gone. We lost everything. They only gave us a mere compensation of 10,000 rupees. Its not only about the money, what about the hardwork we put in the fields. The seeds are so expensive. 10,000 is not enough for all these purpose.sri-sri00
Big shots and Police man came to our house. They forcefully evicted us and bulldozed our crops. The police man even threatens us to face action if we resists.
It will take a long six months period to recultivate on this field. We have no other option, we need to work in daily wage to meet our basic needs. If dont get the job, we will simply sit in the home straving. No one ever think about our problems. The policeman and landlord doesn’t give a shit about our problems.sreeee
They came with four bulldozers everyday to level our land. We witnessed with our own eye on how they carried debris from outside and dumped it to on our field.They destroyed our field with cauli flower to make the parking spot.
They didn’t do anything to save YAMUNA. They started the work one month ago. Bulldozers continously entered the field even near Yamuna.”

The Art of Living festival resulted in turning more than 10,000 farmers’ life miserable. Farmers lost their hope, as the person who advocates organic farming himself created a ruckuss in the name of spirituality

(First person account of a farmer as told to Narada News)