Twitter's 10th birthday celebration by messaging users

Twitter, the growing micro-blogging site with 320 million users as of now, celebrated its 10th birthday by sending a thank you message to each and...



Twitter, the growing micro-blogging site with 320 million users as of now, celebrated its 10th birthday by sending a thank you message to each and every customer, including the celebrity users such as Harry Styles, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber

According to statistics, twitter users write 500 million tweets on a day basis which account for 200 billion tweets a year.

"On March 21, ten years ago, it began with a single Tweet. Since then, every moment of every day, people connect about the things they care about most - all over the world," Twitter posted.

"As we mark this milestone, it's you we want to celebrate. As March 21 begins around the world, each of our global offices will kick off the day by showing our appreciation and gratitude - starting in Sydney and following the sun to headquarters in San Francisco. We are excited to celebrate with all of you," the post went on.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO said the 140 character constraint would help the users express their thoughts into words clearly which would help create a proper statement along with the different changes the company is planning on.

The character limit for twitter makes it beautifully unique which is credited onto to the micro-blogging site.

At an interview in a TV show, Dorsey said that the 140-character limit is "a beautiful constraint" and that Twitter "will never lose that feeling".

"It's (140-characters) staying. It's a good constraint for us, and it allows for of-the-moment brevit. We're changing a lot. We're always going to make Twitter better," he said at the show.

The 140-character limit has been Twitter's personality and will be glued to twitter as long as twitter exists. Twitter will be now be working on changing the timeline.

"Throughout the years, you've made Twitter what it is today and you're shaping what it will be in the future. Thank you for making history, driving change, lifting each other up and laughing together every day," Twitter post stated.

Twitter is the only social networking platform capable enough of raising and driving a social or political awareness, which would spread a political message in order to create a necessary action collectively.

The best example to be  pointed in such a scenario- the US presidential candidate 'Donald Trump' uses twitter as a 'loudspeaker' in order to gain popularity, speaking out his propaganda and driving people collectively to get to vote for him.

In 2009, US Airways flight number 1549 made a miracle emergency landing between New York City and Weehawken in New Jersey at Hudson River due to engine problems some time after take off. the first image of rescue operations was taken by a twitter user who uploaded the picture on his account, the incident where 155 passengers were taken to safety.

It marked another example of the Twitter’s value as a news platform .