(Originally published by Prasheel Anand Barpur on Facebook)Report on Meeting with 4 arrested students at Cherlapally JailLocation: Cherlapally...


(Originally published by Prasheel Anand Barpur on Facebook)

uohReport on Meeting with 4 arrested students at Cherlapally Jail

Location: Cherlapally Mulaqat Enclosure

Date and Time: 4.15 pm to 4.40 pm (appr.) on 24th March 2016

People: Prasheel Anand Banpur, Vinesh Kondra, Moses John Paul

Met With: Dontha Prashanth, Manne Krishank, Goutham Uyyala, Mudavath Venkatesh 

Apart from requesting us to call their parents or to safeguard their vehicles which were parked in campus, the following are the statements from the 4 arrested students

Journey Since Arrest

The protesting students were Lathi Charged and at 5pm were taken in two groups to Gachibowli Police Station remanded for some time and biodata was taken, then transported to Kukkatpally PS and held for a while, then taken to Miyapur PS, then taken to Narsingi PS where the night was spent, transported then to Moinabad PS, then transported through inroads of villages, then waited for a long time near Nacharam, apparently near magistrate’s house, and then to Cherlapally Jail at 12.30 am on 24th March 2016

Treatment during Arrest

The arrested students were beaten continuously by the police while being transported from one police station to another, their
phones were snatched, not given any information regarding their arrest
or where they were being taken. The FIR and cases filed without intimation and knowledge of the arrested students;

All the time during the arrest the arrested students were abused constantly, humiliated, and were called insulting names and labelled as naxalites and vandals.

When asked why they are being treated as if they were hardcore criminals, the police replied that they were
anti-nationals and that they had no Human Rights
. They reiterated that all their Human Rights had collapsed and no negotiation was possible.

The Police did not even allow phone calls to be made and created a complete isolation for the arrested students.

The Police also took videos and photos of the students when they were eating and talking amongst themselves.

The Muslim students who were arrested were beaten and accused of being Pakistanis and labelled them as anti national wanting to destroy India.

The arrested students were also repeatedly accused of possessing drugs and indulging in drug related activities despite the students denying it outright.

The arrested students were then asked to sign on the cases that they were accused of, post which all the students had to sign on this document but mentioned it clearly that they were doing it under force and not voluntarily.

The two professors were slapped repeatedly, their shirts torn and were humiliated in the worst of ways regarding their profession and duties

Arrival at Jail and stay 

Around 12.30 am on 24th March 2016 they were brought in 2 police trucks amidst high security and put up in the barracks as ISI terrorists, hawala mafia, murderers, mafia, and others serving rigorous imprisonment were put up
. When Dontha Prashanth and Krishank Manne wanted to fast in the jail to protest the inhuman, unjust, and undemocratic treatment of the arrested students, the authorities blackmailed them saying they would publicize the videos taken by them of students when they were eating the night before.

Message from Jail

It should be known to people outside regarding the inhuman and sadistic treatment of the arrested students by the police authorities till they reached the Cherlapally Jail. They also said it is important to keep the struggle on for ensuring democratic rights of the students and the people of India