14 people killed in Nairobi rain havoc, Indians are safe according to the reports


At least fourteen  people were reported killed in flood-related incidents including a seven-storey building in Kenyan capital Nairobi collapsed in heavy rain.Local coverage from the scene showed a crowd gathering at the Huruma residential estate as rescuers dug for survivorson Friday night.

Police told Kenya’s KTN network that at least 121 people had been rescued.
It is unclear how many people are trapped beneath seven floors of concrete.The rainfall has caused landslides, washed away houses and flooded roads.Police told KTN that 14 people died in the Nairobi rains, including those in the collapse. Another four died when a wall toppled over, officials said.

Steven Oundo, the chair of Kenya’s National Construction Authority, told KTN there would be an investigation into whether the building had a certificate allowing people to live inside.

Because of a high demand for housing in Nairobi, some property developers bypass building regulations to cut costs and maximize profits. The Architectural Society of Kenya has estimated that 50 per cent of structures in Nairobi are not up to code.

Residents said that the building shook violently in the rain before collapsing.

A video circulating in social media of a woman escaping from a matatu stuck in a flooded road in Industrial Area, caused a stir with social media users calling upon the Nairobi County Government to put in place measures to handle flood waters.
Redcross international reported that  two boys are missing from another part of rain-hit country.
Nairobi and other areas of Kenya, including tea-growing areas in Kericho, Nandi and Meru, can expect more heavy rainfall over the next five days, the Kenya Meteorological Department said in a statement published on the Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre’s Twitter account.
According to the reports Indian community people are safe so far. Most of the Indians who lives in urban Nairobi area are trying to to cop up with the situation.