On his 43rd Birthday Have a look at Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s CV at the age of 15



The inspiring journey of Sachin Tendulkar is not a new story to us. One could well establish  if we’d ever see men of phenomenal  charisma  return to lure our senses, making us about  the study  of  existential  lesson in itself. In his life Sachin Tendulkar was a classical performer swinging to flexible danceing, infusing  the new art form with a perfection associated with the old. It was fantastic, thrilling and intoxicating. In the pre-repeat telecast days, people didn’t dare to take their eyes off the screen. They just sat there, to watch that charm and style to cherish their moments.

Here you have a look at his resume at the age of 15 and check out the achievements he gained that time already.The God of Indian Cricket has spent more than 2 decades on the field, and never  tarnished  himself in any controversy . That takes a lot of   commitment and passion. He always showed his energy to playing for India still his last match.

So from the ground of Sharadam school and to his last international match he showed his own way of playing it and became an amazing example for all cricket lovers.

On his birthday when we look at his journey of being the star of the century, all his life stories are written with golden words. In His autobiography, ‘Playing it my way’ he wrote about the dream journey and how he started. In that He saying,  If He became tired  during net practice, His school coach Achrekar would put a one-rupee coin on the top of the stumps, and the bowler who dismissed him would get the coin. If only he  passed the whole session without getting dismissed, the coach would give him the coin. Tendulkar now considers the 13 coins he won then as some of his most prized possessions.

Image courtesy : www.theringsideview.com