Affidavit controversy to divert attention: Chidambaram

[caption id='attachment_267581' align='alignleft' width='463'] P Chidambaram, Congress leader former Home Minister[/caption]Former home minister P...

Affidavit controversy to divert attention: Chidambaram

[caption id="attachment_267581" align="alignleft" width="463"]P Chidambaram, Congress leader former Home Minister P Chidambaram, Congress leader former Home Minister[/caption]

Former home minister P Chidambaram has finally come out in the open saying that the entire controversy regarding affidavits in in the Ishrat Jahan case is to divert attention from the real issue. He said the real issue is whether Ishrat Jahan was killed in a fake encounter or not.

On the Ishrat case, Chidamabaram said on Twitter, “The affidavit controversy is only to divert attention from the real issue in the Ishrat Jahan case. Real issue is whether there was fake encounter & whether four people already in custody were killed in that fake encounter.”

Regarding the controversy surrounding the change in affidavits done during his tenure, the senior Congress leader said, “Coming to the affidavits, the Home Minister does not sign affidavits. It is signed by an Under Secretary.”

He further said in the tweets, “Although I have no recollection of seeing the first affidavit, let us presume that I did. Then came the report of Magistrate SP Tamang. This report caused an uproar and there was demand mainly from Gujarat that Government of India... should clarify or dispel misinterpretation being placed on the first affidavit. This is why a second, short affidavit was filed!”

Recently the BJP had dragged Congress chief Sonia Gandhi into the Ishrat Jahan controversy in the wake of new revelations and alleged that the then home minister Chidambaram was acting on her directions when he filed a second affidavit in the case in an attempt to create roadblocks in the way of Narendra Modi’s becoming Prime Minister.

Times now television channel has claimed that the first affidavit was also signed by P Chidambaram. The channel has come out with a copy of the first affidavit which carries Chidambaram's signature. This has created huge controversy. BJP alleged national security was compromised to settle some political scores by the Congress.