Ahead of elections, leaders visit victims of temple tragedy

[caption id='attachment_272957' align='aligncenter' width='600'] Photo courtesy: ANI[/caption]The fire at Puttingal Devi temple was caused due to a...

Ahead of elections, leaders visit victims of temple tragedy

[caption id="attachment_272957" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Photo courtesy: ANI Photo courtesy: ANI[/caption]

The fire at Puttingal Devi temple was caused due to a sudden blast at the warehouse where all the fireworks were stored, which were to be used for temple celebrations.

Approximately 30% of the left out fireworks led to the huge blast. The police had earlier warned temple authorities to restrict usage of fireworks.

The news of the temple tragedy spread like wild fire grabbing global attention. Russian president, Vladimir Putin expressed condolences over the threatening tragedy that killed more than 110 people and left around 383 injured.

Medical professional said that the death rate is likely to increase in the coming days as many people are still under critical care and the medical conditions of the majorly burnt victims are not yet stable.

Ahead of elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the victims of the fire tragedy and extended support to the casualties. He also offered to shift the patients in need to Mumbai or Delhi for further treatment.

Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi visited the victims at AA Rahim Memorial Hospital in Kollam and later spoke to media. Sonia Gandhi asserted that the Kerala State government provide sufficient support and required relief measures to the victims and their family.

Lok Sabha Speaker, Sumitra Mahajan, BJP head Amit Shah, Chief Ministers of various states, governors and leaders of different political parties expressed grief over the tragedy.

President of India said, "Heartfelt condolences on loss of lives in Kerala temple fire."

Kerala Health ministry gathered up a team of 25 doctors and medical professionals from around the country were called in to provide relief support to the victims of the tragedy.

Navy ships Kabra & Kalpeni reached the Kollam harbour with the medical team and the necessary equipment for treatment.