Antidepressants increase the risk of suicide and aggression in youth

feature_pharmaceutical_pills_main-760x378Pharmaceutical companies systematically suppress the data of research study which reveals the risk of suicide and aggression in young patients taking antidepressants.

Though the study was released in January , the report was often misrepresented and buried in the section of studies.

The researchers alleged that the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and pharmaceutical tycoons are suppressing the data and supporting faulty science.

The analysis, conducted by researchers at the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen and published in theBritish Medical Journal, examined 70 clinical study reports assessing the safety and efficiency of the drug.

The research concludes that “in children and adolescents the risk of suicidality and aggression doubled

Researchers also alleged that those conducting pharmaceutical studies mislabeled the suicide attempts as emotional lability and depression.

“The investigators discovered that some of the most revealing information was buried in appendices where individual patient outcomes are listed. This information, however, was available for only 32 out of the 70 trials.” reports Scientific American.

“Details were unavailable for non-serious events, as they were either listed in adverse events tables or given in the appendix of individual patient listings without any narratives. These events were increased hostility, aggressiveness, rage, or anger.” Scientific American added.

(based on an article in ANTI MEDIA by Elizabeth Montag )