Artist converts UK Landmarks to Disney Scenes with papercuts

disney-paper-art-cutouts-paperboyo-rich-mccor-2Rich McCor aka Paper Boyo is a talented  paper Silhouette photographer from London.With a series of photos combined with Disney papercuts, McCor illustrates the fictitious Disney world in a natural, non fictional setting.

McCor travels around United Kingdom and recreated scenes from Disney movies in public spaces of London and else where.

Peter Pan flying in the sky around Big Ben was spectaculous, but the photo  featuring Lion King’s  Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon over the Tyne Bridge is a little more out of the common perspective.




“A few of my photos already had a Disney theme, even before this collaboration, because many Disney scenes are so iconic,” McCor told Business Insider. “So when Disney asked me if I’d like to create some scenes for them it was easy to say yes. It was great fun trying to explain to passersby why I was holding up bits of black paper in front of my camera”





(The story first appeared in Bored Panda)