Australia to receive ocean wave generated zero-emission electricity

ceto-5-and-ceto-6Australia’s new initiative to a new energy paradigm is in a sense giving life to Tesla’s revolutionary dream of free energy to all.

Using the Perth Wave Energy Project’s CETO 5 wave energy generators developed by Carnegie Wave Energy Limited, the movement of the ocean is creating renewable, sustainable energy which can even be used to make potable water through desalinization process.

The CETO 5 wave generator is currently used to provide energy to a nearby naval base, but the future installment of the electricity generating technology is powerful enough to generate 14,000 cumulative hours of energy.

Carnegie Wave company claims the the technology doesn’t harm ocean life ,cause no pollution and doesnot be affected by storms as it can be placed at different depths in ocean.

The CETO 5 Wave Generator covert the movement of the ocean waves into high-powered water which is then used to create hydroelectricity to power a reverse-osmosis desalination plant.

Even if Australia’s effort is a solution to world’s prolonging quest for alternate energy sources, activists and concerned citizens are worried about how the corporate energy cartels JP Morgan Chase and Arbusto Energy will respond to it.