BJP increased its income by 44 percent, report says



BJP is the leading party with highest income among the national parties, says a report published by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) for the Financial Year (FY) 2014-2015. BJP has shown the highest income with a total income of Rs 970.43 crores during FY 2014-15. Its income increased by 44 percent after they came into power in the Centre.

The Election Commission of India (ECI), in its letter dated 19 November 2014 addressed to the Presidents/General Secretaries of all political parties, stated that it was mandatory for the parties to submit details of their audited reports to the Commission.  The due date for submission of the annual audited accounts for the parties was 30 November 2015.

Congress is only party among six national parties which hasn’t submitted its audited account.

The BJP, Congress, CPI(M), CPI, BSP and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) are the six national parties in the country. CPI, CPI(M) and BSP were the only three national parties to submit the audit reports on time.

The 5 National Parties (BJP, BSP, NCP, CPM and CPI) have declared a total income of Rs 1,275.79 crores, collected from all over India.

BJP has shown the highest income amongst the national parties with a total income of Rs 970.43 crores. This forms 76.06 percent of the total income of national parties, together during FY.

CPI is the only party among the national parties whose income decreased by 24.28 percent (Rs 59 lakhs). They declared the least income of Rs 1.84 crores which forms a mere 0.14% of the total income in the FY 2014-15.

Grant/ donations/ contributions or funds collected by the parties was the top source of income of the 5 National Parties, forming 88.73 percent of their total income.

BJP declared the maximum income from donations which amounted to Rs 940.39 crores followed by BSP with Rs 92.80 crores and NCP with Rs 38.82 crores.

Out of the total income of Rs 1,275.79 crores declared by the National Parties during FY 2014-15, other remaining sources of income amounted to Rs 116.63 crores which formed only 9.14 percent of the total income of the parties.

The unknown sources are income declared in the IT returns but without giving source of income from donations below Rs.20,000. Such unknown sources include ‘sale of coupons’, ‘relief fund’, ‘miscellaneous income’, ‘voluntary contributions’, ‘contribution from meetings/ morchas’ etc. The details of donors of such voluntary contributions are not available in the public domain.

Total income of political parties from unknown sources (income specified in the IT Returns whose sources are unknown), for the FY 2014-15 is Rs 685.36 crores, which is 54% of the total income of the parties.

The maximum expenditure for BJP has been towards Advertisement & Publicity which amounted to Rs 471.89 crores followed by expenses towards Travelling, Rs 209.57 crores.

NCP spent the maximum of Rs 67.70 crores on election expenditure followed by expenditure of Rs 13.36 crores on Administrative and General Expenses and Rs 1.30 crores on Depreciation and Amortisation Expenses.