The builders might be arrested for the collapse


Rushed job in the construction of the flyover led to the accident killing 25 people in the commercial market of Kolkata though ore people may be trapped under the debris.

Around 90 people were spotted and rescued from the accident site when the 90-metre long flyover came down on the pedestrians and vehicles in Burrabazaar.

“Rescue operations are almost over. No one is trapped,” said an official to the media. Rescuers arrived at the accident spot within no time and worked through the night with cranes, saws and jackhammers  to look for the victims trapped in debris. CCTV visuals prove that the flyover came down during lunch time on moving traffic and people, trapping vehicles and humans under huge slabs of concrete and metal.

Army and disaster management officials were informed of the accident who searched thoroughly through the rubble rescuing the people trapped within with heat cameras, drilling machines and metal cutters to detect any signs of life.


Three cranes worked through the night trying to clear out some space for the rescue operations to go on smoothly. Kolkata police have decided to arrest IVRCL group, the contractors of the flyover construction. An official of the group tagged the accident to be “An act of God.”

The flyover was under construction since 2009, and haven’t been completed yet, and many deadlines were surpassed without any response from the group to complete the erection.

The company was given a deadline of  18-months with enough budget of nearly Rs. 165 crore to complete the project in 2009, but after seven years only about 60 percent of the construction was completed.

Mamta Banerjee blamed the construction group and the previous Left government for having granted the permission the 2007. She also said the wrong doers will be punished.