Change policy,or girls will be in danger: Giriraj Singh’s shocker


Speaking at a cultural yatra in west Champaran in Bihar minister explained his position regarding population policy. “Hindus should have two sons, and Muslims too should have two sons. Our population is coming down. Population rules has to be changed. Only then will be our daughters safe. Otherwise like Pakistan we too will have to keep our daughters under the veil” Minister appealed the sadhus who were present at the meeting to save the religion.
Giraraj’s position earlier as a leader of the BJP, and now as the minister has not prevented him from making racist, communal and intimidating remarks against opponents. Here are some of his controversial statements.

‘Support Modi, or else go to Pakistan’


This was during the last Lok Sabha election time. In an election rally in Jharkhand Giriraj, apparently to show his veneration towards Narendra Modi, he took on all the opponents of Modi which created a lot of furore. He asked if one need to stay in India, he should support Narendra Modi. “Pakistan is the hurdle in Narendra Modi’s path of becoming PM, and there are some people in India who are Pro-Modi. Some are pro-terrorism and their political Mecca-Madina is Pakistan. These people should be in Pakistan, not India,” he said.

‘Colour of the skin and Sonia’

He did not stop his utterances even after he become the minister. Last April the minister wondered whether the congress would have accepted Sonia as their leader had she been from Nigeria. “Had Rajiv Gandhi married a Nigerian women and she was not a white –skinned woman, would the Congress have then accepted her leadership” was his salvo against the Congress party. This statement from the minister drew reaction not only from the Congress and other opposition parties, but also from the Nigerian High Commissioner. He later withdrew his statement.

‘All terrorists are from one community’

Giriraj Singh is a politician from RSS. He does not have the sophistication to hide his communal prejudices even when he is attending a public function. During the last parliament election he told that all terrorists belong to one community and the secular politicians are not commenting on it. “Isn’t it true that all people caught in terrorist activities belong to one community? I am not trying to blame any one particular community. Why are all so-called secular parties silent on this?” he asked which naturally created lot of controversy.

‘Jinnah’s ghost in Nitish Kumar’

During the run up to the Bihar assembly election Giriraj Singh courted another controversy . This time chief minister Nitish Kumar was his target. He told that Jinnah’s ghost has entered in Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad. “They want to make Bihar a Pakistan”