Cheapest in The Expensive Dubai

[caption id="attachment_273228" align="alignleft" width="300"] Dubai residential area[/caption]Dubai is one of the expensive city in UAE. Expats find...

Cheapest in The Expensive Dubai

[caption id="attachment_273228" align="alignleft" width="300"]Dubai residential area Dubai residential area[/caption]

Dubai is one of the expensive city in UAE. Expats find it difficult to get cheap places to live. Here is the list of cheapest residential areas based on Rera Rental Increase Calculator.

The areas are listed based on the lowest rental brackets for studio apartments. The table below also shows the brackets for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.

  1. Al Awir

A residential area yet untapped,  Al Awir is an untapped residential area. It is a place where a lot of new developments are coming in. This area is the cheapest to rent in Dubai as per the Rera rent calculator. The nearest metro station is Rashidiya metro station on the red line and there are buses to and from Al Awir. The year 2016 might see a huge attraction popping up at Al Awir making the area more attractive for residents and tourists.

  1. Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ)

DOZ is in outerskirts of the city and it is not close to the main part of the emirate. Commutation will be a difficulty for people who do not have their own vehicles. The area is not very family friendly. However, International City and Academic city are just a few minutes’ drive away. Another area with similar rent brackets is Dubai Investment Park (DIP).

  1. Dubai International City

It is quite far from the centre of Dubai, but connectivity through RTA buses and Rashidiya metro station make commutation comfortable. Dragon Mart and Al Warsan Lake are major attractions here. Dubai Outsource Zone, Academic City and Dubai Festival City are nearest areas which can be reached in 20 minutes or less by car.

  1. Abu Hail

At a comfortable distance from the centre of Dubai, Abu Hail is one of the popular residential area in Dubai and also has a dedicated metro station. We can see lot of Asian expatriates in this part of Dubai and has easy access to supermarkets and other utility outlets as well. Al Ras, International Media Production Zone and Naif are the other areas with similar brackets.

  1. Gardens

Gardens  is a key residential location in Dubai.  The area is very family friendly. The nearest metro is Ibn Battuta metro station but you have to take a taxi to reach the residence. However, once the proposed Dubai Metro Route 2020 will finish, commutation won’t be a major problem.

  1. Al Qusais

Al Qusais is far away from the glitter of the city centre.  But staying here will give you easy access to different part of the city. Sharjah is not more than 20 minutes away by car in non-peak hours. This area is well connected with metro. Availability of utility outlets, educational institutions and hospitals are one of the main features of this area.

  1. Al Karama

It is one of the busiest areas of Dubai. This area is mostly filled with middle and lower income Asian expats. The area is famous for shopping, food and good residential units. The buildings are bit older. ADCB metro station is the nearest metro station for Karama. Another area with similar rent brackets is Al Rigga.

  1. Oud Metha

It is one of the main business location in Dubai and residential unit here are quite expensive. But the area is quiet and has a dedicated metro station. There are good shopping outlets, churches and schools nearby. Al Nasr Leisureland is one of the main attractions.

RERA Annual Rental Brackets (in dirhams)

Al Awir20,000 - 30,00030,000 - 40,00040,000 - 45,000
Dubai Outsource Zone25,000 - 30,000(Not Rera specified)(Not Rera specified)
Dubai Investment Park25,000 - 35,00040,000 - 50,00060,000 - 75,000
Dubai International City27,000 - 38,00038,000 - 45,00045,000 - 60,000
Abu Hail30,000 - 40,00040,000 - 50,00050,000 - 60,000
Al Ras30,000 - 40,00040,000 - 50,00060,000 - 70,000
Naif30,000 - 40,00045,000 - 50,00060,000 - 65,000
International Media Production Zone30,000 - 45,00050,000 - 55,00065,000 - 80,000
Gardens33,000 - 43,00047,000 - 60,00060,000 - 70,000
Al Nahda35,000 - 45,00050,000 - 60,00070,000 - 85,000
Al Qusais35,000 - 45,00050,000 - 60,00065,000 - 80,000
Al Twar35,000 - 45,00045,000 - 50,00060,000 - 70,000
Satwa35,000 - 40,00045,000 - 65,00065,000 - 75,000
Al Rigga40,000 - 45,00060,000 - 70,00075,000 - 90,000
Al Karama40,000 - 45,00055,000 - 75,00075,000 - 90,000
Oud Metha40,000 - 50,00065,000 - 80,00080,000 -110,000

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